This documentation is incomplete and under development. If you would like to help, please open an issue or pull request at GitHub.

This is the documentation for stdpopsim, the standard library for population genetic simulation models.

We designed stdpopsim to make it easier for you to run reproducible, bug-free simulations of genetic datasets from published demographic histories. Under the hood, stdpopsim relies on msprime and SLiM 3 to generate sample datasets in the tree sequence format.

First steps

  • Head to the Installation page to get stdpopsim installed on your computer.

  • Skim the Catalog to see what simulations are currently supported by stdpopsim.

  • Read the Tutorials to see some examples of stdpopsim in action.

Getting involved

Are there other features, models or organisms that you’d like to see in stdpopsim? This software is maintained by the PopSim Consortium, a global community of scientists and developers who are working together to improve standards for benchmarking and testing in population genetics. Read the Development page to find out how you can join us.


If you use stdpopsim in your work, please cite us:


Add link to manuscript when it’s ready.

Licence and usage

stdpopsim is available under the GPLv3 public license. The terms of this license can be read here.